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In 2006 when we started our new company I  visited a local Chamber of Commerce - Roundtable Marketing Seminar with a

Panel Discussion by prominent Business Owners & Executives - they were asked this question:


  • "If there was one significant thing you have done in the recent past that contributed more to your visibility than any other and  created connections in

  • the community, what would that one action have been?"


Mike Miller, V.P. -Valley Bank /

Kent Branch responded with this:


"Join your local Chamber of Commerce

and work your own back yard - get on a committee, one that inspires you to do

greater things for your community."

(Mike Miller quote above 2006  Kent Chamber of Commerce  August Meeting) -


Recent Quote by Mr Mike Miller / Kent Chamber: May 2016 - "The Kent Chamber of Commerce is doing a great job of representing the various interests in our business community with the City of Kent, King County and the State of Washington. That is why every business in Kent should be a member of the Kent Chamber of Commerce!")

  • " I took that suggestion to heart...left that meeting and went directly to my Community of Sumner, Washington - found The Eastern Pierce County Chamber of Commerce (Now known as Puyallup / Sumner Chamber) and met with Director and Joined that day. -"

  • Brian Kaplan, Cr. Dir. Wisdom Bridge Productions-

ChamberMaster / GrowthZone,

SEO Ranking & You -

"... you can't buy a website or SEO Services at the cost of a Chamber Membership!"

Our desire is to create more sustainability for you and your endeavours in 2020,

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"Testimonial for belonging to a Chamber of Commerce & increasing your Digital Footprint in the Community.

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