We are partners with many different companies

& services dedicated to helping our Clients

add and maintain positive lines of credit.

Our partnerships offer discounts and special programs exclusively available to clients

of SeaTac Credit Repair.


Below are just a couple of our best resources to help you rebuild your credit worthiness while getting an education in the process of maintaining

financially fiscal habits in your life.....


To maintain your quest to improve your 

credit worthinness it is important for you

to know your current credit score, monitor it

and to have access to all three of your credit

reports from the main reporting agencies

We also stress to monitor your Identity against

theft or by internet / digital thieves that can

compromise your credit worthiness.

We believe in this resource 100%


,,,we also wish to help you improve your credit worthiness - to do so and raise your score, it is important for you to have at least line of credit  that is currently open, is getting active use and is reporting monthly with positive credit habits -

The best way is with a secured line of credit one that has funds on deposit with the ease of a traditional revolving credit card but is backed with funds on deposit; you will maintain the funds use while they report prompt payment activities on your part !


D.I.Y (Do-It-Yourself)

vs. Collaborative Credit Repair & Managed Restoration

with SeaTac C.R.

( Watch this short tutorial to choose the best path for you!)


D.I.Y (Do-It-Yourself)

Credit Repair &

Restoration is a Process no an event.

( Watch this to learn how you can Subscribe to Credit Repair Prosperity Plan Program - Tap into the Process with

Proven Weekly Professional Videos,Action Plan , Letters / Docs,  Guidance, 

Experience & Leadership )

Commitment, Consistency & Mentorship Weekly is Required.


Collaborative Credit Repair & Managed Restoration

with SeaTac C.R.

( Watch this short video to launch your Credit Restoration Management Team) 

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