We've taken on a new look as our Company institutes Our 3 Fold Mission & Vision for you, your company
personally &
Our desire is to
more sustainability for
you and your endeavors in 2021 & beyond!

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Our Philosophy, Strategy & Tangibles Integrated Marketing Services:

OUR SIX TENETS: Commitment ='s Visibility / Consistency ='s Credibility

 Collaboration ='s Visibility, Sustainability & Growth in Personal &

Professional Well Being- Our Core Competency has grown

throughout our professional career in providing Integrated

Marketing & Professional Services that create Sustainability.

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Our Vision for Your Professional Sustainability

"Marketing is a process not an Event." - It takes commitment, consistency and collaboration to create Visibility, Credibility & Sustainability. If you are diligent to the process it should create profitability that is tangible

and those all-important intangibles.

P: (253) 863-6619

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"We're Bridging the Gap" with sound Collaboration &  Imagineering Services and combining those systems with

Integrated Strategic Marketing,  Planning  & Execution " 

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Collaboration in Action
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Your Vision for Personal Wellness, Life / Work Balance with less Stress is a Reality.
Sure we are culturally A.D.D. but we can use Technology & the Knowledge it affords us wiser - again it has to be part of your Commitment - Consistency - Collaboration & Plan.
It takes years to develop, implement
& maintain and create success that allows
you the freedoms in life and work that
you desire and deserve. 

So with this said we offer our experience,
ourpartnerships and referrals to maintain
a sense of happiness, balance and
growth in your personal and
professional endeavours.

We realized for ourselves after years of stress, health struggles and slow or no growth to make a move towards change;  it takes others as good if not better than ourselves to help with that process. To invest in ourselves and our well being is resources well spent; it moves concepts and dreams of health, wealth, love and faith of "Dream Boards" and on to "I am/ Reality Boards."
( Ask us about Accelerate Growth Coaches, Alan & Lousia Shimamoto.)
It takes an honest assessment with "An Accountability Partner, and a Professional Business Coach and Mastermind Group" in addition to all the concepts above. To truly receive what you desire and deserve in your life, personally and professionally we sometimes have to take a leap of faith and trust but it can be a calculated one with eyes open

We've done the  "Business Coach that speaks of success," the 1 Day Workshops, 3-4 day Retreats, Ongoing volunteer Mastermind Groups but actually hire a  Team of seasoned professionals that have been through the fire themselves and came out greater in all aspects we have not in the 13 + years as Marketing professionals. As live moves through seasons personally and professionally time gets shorter and positive action is Vital! SO WE COMMITTED AND WE ARE SHARING IT WITH YOU!
We are talking about the ongoing commitment of a team that can show you they that you are worth the investment; they have proven real-life stories of People & Businesses they are helping. This will "Set your world on a mode of constant refirement in your life, work, love & faith."

We joined a great group through the Accelerate Growth Challenge called the "InTeam." - They say when THE STUDENT IS READY THE TEACHER APPEARS. They also say: "...when marketing reaches scale the cost is nil."
You can't have great marketing without being involved in the process and it starts with great coaching - a Group that will hold you, your company and those you surround yourself with accountable. We bit the bullet ask us why we chose our Business Coach & Team.


January 2020: "Splango - High Tech / High Touch connectivity with respect!"

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Health / Wellness & You