The Pareto Curve. It is known that 80% of your profitability comes from 20% of your clients or your circle of influence.


As in marketing, creating  Brand Awareness, Customer Loyalty, Retention and Referrals is a "Process not an Event.


" It takes six simple tenets to create Customer Loyalty and

Raving Fans.


Commitment='s Visibility, Consistency ='s Credibility

and Collaboration ='s Profitability.



Master Relationship Marketing with us, "the Fortune is in the Follow-up." Go from Zero to Hero in one or two clicks.

"Appreciation wins over promotion everytime."

A phone call to a client or a customer is good business. A face to face meeting is great business. A consistent loyalty benefit helps with attraction, retention and referrals. We believe that a timely sent 93 to 1.50 cent greeting card is "PRICELESS"