The Pareto Curve. It is known that 80% of your profitability comes from 20% of your clients or your circle

of influence. In today's Digitally Cultural A.D.H.D world the true percentage of customer to profit is closer to 5% of the standard 20% in some types of businesses.


As in marketing, creating  Brand Awareness, Customer Loyalty, Retention and Referrals and increasing

your Digital Footprint  is a "Process not an Event.


" It takes six simple tenets to create Customer Loyalty and

Raving Fans that build your relationships, referrals and keeps your

network sustainable..


Commitment='s Visibility, Consistency ='s Credibility

and Collaboration ='s Profitability.



Gary Vaynerchuk one of today's

Digital Marketing guru's - said this :

" Market in the White Space; that is the  place with the least amount of noise , with the least amount of competition and where your Target Market is hanging out. " *(paraphrased)


"Mastering Relationship Marketing is a process not an event...
Start a strategic plan to grow your
Digital Footprint with us,
"the Fortune is in the Follow-up."

Go from Zero to Hero in one or two clicks.

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"Appreciation wins over promotion every time."

A phone call to a client or a customer is good business. A face to face meeting is great business. but a $1.05 cent Personalized Custom

Greeting card sent to their Home or Business Mailbox at their door is  "PRICELESS"

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