Our Digitally Delivered postcards allow you to choose up to three designs for one low fee (Digital PDF of Front & Back / $ 67.50 (3-Designs Minimum Order) $22.50 each (Pick 3 Designs) 2- Sided


Can be used for postcard, mini- flyer handouts at events, guerilla marketing, bulletin boards or mailed in A2 size Envelope.

You print or take to your local printer for setup and printing on Card Stock.


We will insert your contact information, phone number(s), Email Address & your Website Domain and set up for you to print on your own Laser or Inkjet printer or provide you with CMYK Hi Res file for you to take to your local printer.


This saves on the cost of shipping; printed materials can gain weight rapidly depending upon quantity. We can print for you and we can ship up to 70 poiunds of printed materials in a USPS Larger Overnight box for as little as 15.00 dollars to the lower 48 States if you want us to print your flyers, business cards, brochures.

Helo Lx Postcard "H & I" (3 Min-Dig. Design / Post Cards 2- Sided 5.25" x 4.25"


    The PDF file WE PROVIDE is for printing; if your order is over $100 we will furnish you with a set of  PNG’s also of the front and back of the card(s).


    These images can be used as mini billboard postings in Social Media like Facebook , Google + or Instagram, Snap Chat postings. They also can be used in word documents and all of your email marketing campaigns.


    We provide you with a print ready file (PDF/CMYK) for you to print yourself or to take to your local printer. Our setup – layout - design rate is for three postcards of your choice from our catalog for low rate of $67.50 / 22.50 ea x 3 (This =’s 1- hr design labor) If you need future changes due to phone or email or website url change simple changes in your file can be provided with a minimum charge of $18.75 ( Ask for estimate at time of file change)


    We require all digital design projects to be paid in full prior to start of project. All Clients are required to sign digital proof before we finalize your file and upload for you to download from Dropbox. (You must have a Dropbox account for file transfer or high speed connection to accept large file size through email) We cannot be responsible for file corruption due to electronic transfer. Additional Upload fee may apply if you receive a corrupt file.


    All Digital Designs require a digital proof to be delivered and accepted as correct by you. You provide the content you would like inserted; so we actually copy and paste your information. It is imperative that you send us copy that is correct. After you sign off on digital proof we will send you a Digital PDF File (CMYK) for printing. ( Built with all type converted to curves, images embedded and only one finished art piece per side.


    Most printers will take these digital designs and setup in a step and repeat format to match the size stock they are printing your project on. Keep in mind your printer might charge a fee for this service.


    We can provide this service for a fee; but with the variety of equipment in the printing world we cannot guarantee it will meet their needs for lead, trailer, side and gripper edges of their conventional or digital printing press. So we prefer to just provide what we term a 1-Up of your artwork.

    Your Approval is Due to you signing off and  accepting Digital file as correct therefore there are no refunds or returns on Digital Artwork.


    We will gladly offer you design/printing services as opposed to you buying Digital Design and printing at home or with your local printer. Please note: On all Design / Print projects we require an estimate for your project with Design / Setup, Printing, Finishing and Shipping. If accepted we require a final work order and payment prior to inception of project.


    Most of our Digital Printing will fit in a Large U.S.P/S. Priority Mail Box and we can ship up to 70 pounds in a box that size (500 - 8.5" x 11" brochures or 250 - 8.5" x 11" Booklets) for about 15-17 dollars to the lower 48 states. Call or write for estimate.